Line Sheet

Advent Thread and Form Milling Products
Ajax Tool Works, Inc. Chisels, Hand & Power Tool Accessories
All–American Products Co. Drill Bushings, Tooling Components, Clamps
Allied Tool Products Grooving Systems
Aloris–USA Insertable Drills, Tool Post Holders
Alvord–Polk Tool Company Reamers, Special Diameters
Amada Cutting Technologies, Inc. Band Saw Blades
American Jaw Company Economy Chuck Jaws
ARC Abrasives, Inc. Coated Abrasives, Buffing Wheels
ARNTZ, Inc. Band Saw Blades
Artus Corporation Shims, Gaskets, Shim Stock
Ash Gear Supply Corp. Gear Hobs, Thread Mills
Ashburn Industries, Inc. Cutting Fluids
ATS Workholding Collet Chucks
Bibielle Non-Woven Abrasives and Abrasive Specialties
Bilz Tapping Toolholders
Bondhus Torx, Hex, Ball drivers
Bourn & Koch Gear Hob Arbors
Briney Tool Products CNC Toolholders
Brighton Best Dowel Pins, Cap Screws, Fasteners
Brown and Sharpe Measuring Tools
C.H. Hanson Company Steel Stamps
Carbide Tool Services, Inc. Tool Repair, Sharpening & Specials
CJT Koolcarb, Inc. Carbide Tipped Drills
Clapp & Haney Tool Co. Brazed Tools
Cleveland Steel Ironworker Punches and Dies
Cogsdill Tool Products, Inc. No Burr Deburring Tools
Cress Manufacturing Heat Treat Furnaces
CVD Diamond Corporation Diamond–Coated Cutting Tools
Danley–IEM Punches, Die Sets, Springs, Die Components
Dayton Springs, Punches, Matrix Buttons, Specials
DeStaCo Clamps
Diagraph MSP Group GPX Markers
Diamond Saw Works, Inc. Band Saw Blades
Dijet Carbide Drills, Inserts
Dip Seal Plastics, Inc. Plastic Coatings, Melting Tanks, Wax Pots
Emuge High Performance Taps
Evans Manufacturing Peelcoat Tool Dip
E-Z Burr HSS and Carbide Deburring Products
F & D Tool Co., Inc. Drills, Shell Mills, Carbide & HSS Cutting Tools
Formax Manufacturing Buffing Wheels and Buffing Compounds
Fowler Leading supplier of high quality inspection, leveling, quality control and calibration equipment across North America
Fullerton Tool Co. Solid Carbide Tooling, End Mills, Drills
George Whalley Co. Coolant–Thru Tooling
Gleason Cutting Tools Hobs
H&R Mfg. & Supply Chuck Jaws
H.B. Rouse & Co. Small ID Boring, Grooving
Hardinge Collets, Chucks & Workholding Systems
Hassey Savage Broaches
Hayden Twist Drill & Tool Co., Inc. Special Drills
Hermes Abrasives Ltd. Coated Abrasives
Huot Index Storage Boxes
Huron Gage Blanks, Chucks & Jaws
Imco Carbide End Mills, Reamers, Drills, Burrs
Ingersoll Cutting Tool Company Carbide Milling, Drilling Turning
K–TOOL, INC Insertable Tooling, Drilling, Milling, Specials
KEO Center Drills
Kingsford Broach and Tool, Inc. Broach Bars
Kyocera Cutting Tools High Performance Drilling, Milling and Turning Products
Manchester Grooving Products
Meyer Gage Gages of All Types
Michigan Drill Corporation Drills, APT
Micro 100 Carbide and Carbide–Tipped Round Tools
Mil–Tec Carbide Milling Inserts, Milling Cutters
Minicut International High Precision Cutting Tools for Aerospace
Mitutoyo Measuring Instruments
Modern Mfg. Portable Power Tools, Nibblers, Lock Hammers
Morse Cutting Tools Drills, Taps, End Mills
Nachi America Inc. Taps, Drills
North American Tool Corporation Special Taps, Gages
OSG Tap & Die, Inc. High Performance Taps, End Mills, Thread Mills
Oberg Carbide Bushings
OTM Index-able Tooling, Drilling
PIONEER Premium tool & working holding
Precision Abrasives Coated Abrasives
Precision Brand Products, Inc. Shim Stock
Quality Chaser Company Dies, Chasers
Quinco Tool Products Co. HSS End Mills
R.M.C. Tooling Company, Inc. Economy Toolholders, Boring Bars, Parts
Random Products, Inc. Cutoff Wheels, Flap Discs
Ready Tool Co. Live Centers
Regal Cutting Tools Taps, Specials, Drills
Rego–Fix CNC Toolholders
Reiff & Nestor Co. Taps
Rex Cut Products Unitized Wheels
Riten Industries, Inc. Live Centers
Royal Products Live Centers, Toolholders, Mist Filter Systems
RSVP Tooling, Inc. Thread Rolling & Chaser Systems
Rustlick Coolant, Cleaners
Severance Tool Industries, Inc. Countersinks, Deburring Products
Seymour of Sycamore, Inc. Paint
SGS Tool Company High Performance End Mills, Drills
Shaviv Hand Deburring Tools

ShopFlow Solutions

Industrial storage, material handling, work space equipment, parts organization, and CNC tool protection
Sokura Marking Pens
Somma Tool Co. Screw Machine Tooling, Broaches, Cut–Off Blades, Tool Holders
StarCut Sales, Inc. Gear Hobs, Thread Mills
Sumitomo Electric Carbide, Inc.   sumitomo Turning Inserts, Milling Cutters, Carbide Drills
Swanson Tool Manufacturing Gages
Swiss Precision Instruments, Inc. Measuring Instruments
TE–CO Clamping Products, Toolholder Fixtures
Techleader CNC Toolholders and Collets
Techniks Toolholders, Collets
Tennessee Die Dies, Tooling Components
YG-1 Tool Company  
Cutting Tools
The Cleveland Steel Tool Co. Ironworker Punches & Dies
Thurston Mfg. Screw Slotting Saws, Slitting Saws
Tool Mate Corporation Urethane Products, Die Strippers
Tool Flo Threading Inserts, Holders
Trinity Sand Blast Cabinets, Media, Supplies
Tungaloy  tungaloy Turning Inserts, Indexable Drilling, Milling
U.S. Diamond Wheel Diamond Wheels, Dressers
Ultra–Dex USA Special Tooling, Repair
Ultra–Tool Corp Solid Carbide Tooling
Unisand, Inc. Coated Abrasives
United Abrasives, Inc. SAIT Grinding Products
Vardex Corporation Debur Tools, Threading & Thread Milling
W.E.B. Industrial Diamond Co. Special Diamond Wheels
Wedevag Tools, Inc. High Performance Twist Drills
Wedge–Mill Tool Inc. Serrated Blades, Wedges, Clamps
Western Abrasives Mounted Stones
Whitney Tool Company, Inc. Slotting, Keyseat, Counterbores
Widell Industries, Inc. Special Taps
Y.G. 1 Tool Company End Mills, Taps, Drills, Spade Bits, Toolholders
Yankee Corporation Reamers
Yuasa International CNC Rotary Products
ZCC USA Carbide Inserts and Tooling
ZEP Manufacturing Company Cleaning Products