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We make measurement easy!
Anytime, Anywhere, on Your Time.

Venture XT CNC models take the power of Fusion software one stage further by completely automating the inspection process. Using a combination of non-contact (camera) and contact (touch probe) methods, advanced measurements including scanning and best fitting can be completed in a single automated inspection, without taking up the time of skilled operators. Programming using the touch probe is easy and can also be created offline from CAD models.

To see our Venture XT Vision System in action schedule your live demonstration by email us at SigmaSales and we get arrange for you or by calling 918.749.9301

During the live demonstration, Fowler’s experts will guide you through a comprehensive product demonstration, answer your questions, and help to find the application that is tailored to your needs.

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Slim MT lower cost/high productivity inserts and tool holders have arrived in time for the holiday.
A new Inch size catalog containing detailed information on all sizes is now available.

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Fowler Bowers Bore Gages and Special Measuring Heads

• Fixed anvils
• Self centering 3-point heads
• USB connectivity and Bluetooth
• To reduce hand fatigue, the travel of the Holematic trigger is adjustable for minimum over travel
• And more…
To learn more about our Fowler Bowers Bore Gages and the special measuring heads visit our Bore Gages description page or watch our demo video here. For special offers and discount check out our Fowler Bowers ongoing promotion flyer.



FA customer’s experience with the Fowler/Bowers Bluetooth Bore Gages set

“My business partner and I have been discussing the need to improve our inspection instruments a lot lately and we came to the conclusion that we also wanted to hold our machine operators more responsible for their own parts. With that in mind we set out to find equipment that would be accurate, repeatable, robust enough for the shop floor all while being able to support our data collection needs…”

To learn about how Fowler Bowers bore gages helped our customers with their existing problem check out our latest article.

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In an ever changing world, it is necessary to consistently offer new, innovative technologies to support customers.

We are pleased to share our latest brochure, Machining of Tomorrow, which includes remarkable solutions for Turning, Grooving, Milling & Drilling.

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